Our Pastors

主任牧師: 林大衛(David Lin)
師母: 林陳郁美( Yu-May Lin)  女兒: 林萱恩(Hannah),林盈恩(Charis),兒子:林迦恩 (Jonathan)

林大衛牧師從一九九九年一月份開始在磐石宣道會事奉 (Pastor Lin serves in State College Chinese Alliance Church since Jan. 1999.)

" 師母和我分別於1987及1988年從台灣來美國讀書,我們在Buffalo, NY相識及結婚。1996年神學院畢業後,我們在德州San Antonio服事主兩年半。之後,於1999年開始在磐石宣道會服事,直到現今。感謝主,賜我們三個寶貴的產業,能全家一起服事神,是神的賜福與恩典,願與磐石教會一起在主裡成長,經歷神奇妙的 作為。"

Office Ph: (814) 325-0286
Home Ph: (814) 753-4737 

2019 Chelsea Ln
State College, PA 16801

Email: dymlin@gmail.com


Pastor: Andrew B. Pigott
Family: Wife Janiene, Daughters Becky and Shannon, Son Ben

Pastor Pigott serves in State College Chinese Alliance Church since July 2010.

"Janiene and I made commitments to Christ in 1972 while studying at Penn State. We served as missionaries in Taiwan from 1980 to 1998. We then served in Chinese churches in Los Angeles and the New York metropolitan area until 2009 when we returned to Taiwan to teach English and Bible for a year. We are now moving back to our hometown to serve with the State College Chinese Alliance Church. Becky, our oldest daughter, is a seminary student at Columbia International University. Ben, our son, is a sophamore at Toccoa Falls College, and Shannong, our youngest daughter is in eighth grade at the Mount Nittany Middle School."

Mobile Ph: 814-470-3013
Home Ph: 814-808-4444

409 Ella Dr.
Boalsburg, PA 16827

Email: abpigott@gmail.com